Job Market Paper

Laughren, Kevin, 2023. “Decomposing Inattention”.

Refereed Publications

Kimbrough, Erik, Kevin Laughren, and Roman Sheremeta, 2020. “War and Conflict in Economics: Theories Applications and Recent Trends”. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

Under Review – Invited To Resubmit

Freeman, David J., and Kevin Laughren, 2023. “Task Completion Without Commitment”. Resubmitted to Experimental Economics.

Online Supplement
Online Supplement Power Analysis code and gif

Working Papers

Laughren, Kevin, and Henry Schneider, 2022. “Adaptive Experimentation for Startup Marketing: Pre-Analysis Plan”. Available by e-mail request.

Laughren, Kevin, Lara Aknin, Dai Heide, Panayiotis Pappas, Milan Singh, 2019. “Demonstrating Selection Effects in Evaluation of a First Year Seminar Program”.

PhD Thesis

Laughren, Kevin, 2021. “Inattention, task completion, and retention among undergrads”. Simon Fraser University. Available at Simon Fraser University Thesis Repository:

Masters Thesis

Laughren, Kevin, 2013. “Banking on lottery tickets: A behavioural study of prize-linked savings”. University of Calgary. Available at University of Calgary Thesis Repository:

Other Projects

Laughren, Kevin, 2019. “Learning to Forecast and Forgetting the Past: A simulation of Individual Evolutionary Learning with Unknown Asset Returns”.

Laughren, Kevin, & Oxoby, Robert, 2015. “Gambler’s Fallacy.” In M. Altman (Ed.), Real-World Decision MakingAn Encyclopedia of Behavioral Economics (pp. [169]-170). Greenwood.

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